Escapes and Limbs: Week 3 of Jiu-Jitsu

Actually managed to attend both classes, hurrah me. Officially wore the scariest shirt of the class to one of them.

Lesson 5: Ow, my Knee

  1. Duckwalk warmups require pushing one’s knee floorwards with the pelvis. Otherwise you hurt your knee, as mine still hurts slightly a week later. You live and learn.
  2. When attempting a back escape, it makes a world of difference to put your head against the mat.
  3. If the opponent/training partner has a death grip, don’t force yourself out of it. Wait a moment until they lose some of their intensity, then attempt to escape. Fascinating and logical.
  4. I did not understand how a sideways roll works. Like, at all.
  5. I frequently do the exact opposite of what is expected of me when training techniques. If I’m shown again, I usually do get the general gist of the technique.
  6. Had a nice chat in the changing room with someone who has been doing BJJ for a year. “I like doing this because it’s so difficult!” I hope to make it to a year as well.
  7. The instructor referred to how we will all get our arse handed to us for at least the first 6 months we spar with more experienced white belts after beginner’s class. “And only those of you who don’t mind that end up staying.” At the moment, I don’t feel discouraged by this estimation. I might help me build my resilience.


Lesson 6: Scary Shirt Saves the Day

  1. The T-shirt my loving family bought me when they attended Parikkala Statue Park (pictured) was universally deemed as motherhugging creepy by training partners and changing room mates alike. I should really buy some rashguards.
  2. I had done the duckwalk with my legs too close to each other, apparently.
  3. Shrimping can be incorporated into escaping from side control. Techniques taught individually start to fit together like puzzle pieces.
  4. I DID get the idea of a sideways roll and can almost do it now. Oh joy!
  5. Triangles were introduced. They were fun, yet a bit confusing.
  6. I have gotten to the point that I asked if it was okay to train rolls on my own at the gym. If I arrive an hour before class, I can.

Just realised I’ve made it through half of the course. I’m definitely going to keep doing BJJ after I finish this course.

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